• Oct. 9 - 11, 2019
  • Makuhari Messe, Japan
Oct. 9 (Wed) - 11 (Fri), 2019 Makuhari Messe, Japan

Asia’s Leading Agriculture Trade Show


Industry professionals gather from all over Japan.

(Farmers, agricultural cooperatives, industry new entrants, etc.)

Consisting of 4 shows: 9th International Agricultural Material & Technology Expo Tokyo (AGRITECH TOKYO), 6th Next Generation Agriculture Expo Tokyo (AGRINEXT TOKYO), 4th Farmers’ Processing & Sales Support Expo Tokyo, and 1st International Livestock Supply & Equipment Expo Tokyo (LIVESTOCK TOKYO).
A large number of industry professionals such as agricultural corporation, agricultural cooperatives, and industry new entrants from East Japan will visit the show and active business dealings will be held with the exhibitors.

AGRI WEEK TOKYO consists of the following 4 shows.

<Exhibit Profile>
 - Substrate
 - Agrichemical
 - Fertiliser
 - Agricultural Machinery
 - Horticultural Supply
 - Irrigation Equipment


<Exhibit Profile>
 - Smart Farming
 - Plant Factory
 - Agriculture Drone
 - AI/IoT Solution
 - Remote Monitoring/Control
 - Photovoltaic System


<Exhibit Profile>
 - Processing Machinery
 - OEM (sweets, foods, etc.)
 - Freshness Management
 - Packaging
 - Logistics System
 - IT Solution


<Exhibit Profile>
 - Feeding Machinery
 - Livestock Fencing/Gate
 - Egg Sorting/Grading Machinery
 - Animal Health Management
 - Feedstuff, Additives
 - Vaccine



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Japan's largest* garden and horticulture industry trade show! Home centres, retailers, wholesalers, landscapers, constructors visit the show and have active business meetings with exhibitors.

*"Largest" in reference to the exhibitor number of trade shows with the same concept.

Japan's leading hardware and tool industry trade show!  Tools for constructors, carpenters, landscapers are exhibited. Work shops, home centres, garden shops, hardware shops, and professional users visit the show.

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Information about AGRI WEEK OSAKA

Consisting of three shows; 4th Int'l Agricultural Material & Technology Expo Osaka (AGRITECH OSAKA), 4th Next Generation Agriculture Expo Osaka (AGRINEXT OSAKA) and 4th Farmers’ Processing & Sales Support Expo Osaka.

AGRI WEEK OSAKA consists of the following 3 shows.